Selling Real Estate

Extensive marketing, expert negotiation skills and experience ensure that every one of my sellers gets the best price possible and a contract that fits their needs.


Determining the right price, through detailed analysis, is the crucial, first step in selling a property. Setting the price too low can mean a loss to the seller and selling the price too high can also mean a loss to the seller. A property listed too high can sit too long on the market and become stigmatized. Pricing is much more important than some people think.


Professional home staging, followed by quality photography and videography creates the basis for an extensive marketing plan which includes online advertising, print advertising, network contacts and much more. Each property receives a customized marketing plan.


Expert sales skills and negotiation skills play a huge part in obtaining a high price. Quality pictures are great but the real money is in the negotiations. I have extensive training in negotiations and have received the designation of “Master Certified Negotiation Expert” from the Real Estate Negotiating Institute.


Communication is key for a successful transaction. My sellers receive immediate notification and feedback about showings and a written, weekly report. All inquiries are responded to quickly. I work closely with my sellers to ensure that showings are coordinated with their regular daily schedules. Working with tenants can be a challenge when selling a property and I pride myself in successfully working with many tenants to achieve positive results.


My goal is to provide all of my sellers with a full-service experience, knowing that I am there for every detail.

I can provide contacts for many important service providers: cleaners, de-clutter experts, painters, plumbers, gardeners and others. If you are getting ready to sell, I can help. My free Seller’s Kit provides information on preparing your home for sale and how to pass a home inspection, plus other information. For an emailed copy, click “Free Seller’s Kit”.